I used to look like this.

Hi I’m D.Lynn and I’ve been a standup comedian since 2010, shortly after I become a single dad of a newborn baby boy. Searching for therapy for the stresses of single parenting, I started going to comedy open mics and talking about my experiences.

I began to get opportunities to host comedy shows, perform in showcases with other funny people, and then to open for many of the biggest name comedians in the country. Comedy has allowed me to do radio, television, and podcasting. In 2015 I joined the Dirty Jokes and Magic Tricks Show as a recurring guest performer. I am often on the road as opening act for Jeremy “Jerdog” Danley, and for Nathan Allen, The Maniac of Magic.


Then I looked like this.

My own show, Blind Not Stupid, covers my viewpoints on being a single dad, turning 40, politics, growing up hillbilly, and the injury to my eyes that left me behind dark glasses for life.

While on tour I contracted an infection in both my eyes. I returned from the road to seek treatment and was given an antibiotic drop. Turns out, I was allergic to the treatment and it made the problem worse, resulting in permanent damage to my irises. After weeks of total blindness I started getting sight back but had no ability to focus my eyes for months. It’s been a long road but now I have some ability to see and I consider that a huge win. Count your blessings, put out good karma everyday, and love your family. Nothing else matters in life.