Hi. I'm D. Lynn Bennett. Thanks for visiting.

Who Are You?

I am a visually-impaired single dad, semi-domesticated hillbilly, comedian, and speaker on parenting issues.

I do single parent advocacy and am currently working on my book project, Good Advice From an Idiot.

What Do You Do?

I do a one hour, one of a kind, one night only comedy event. I do not do an hour of politics, props, sex jokes, or hipster comedy. I talk about real life.

If you have been married, divorced, raised a child, pulled on a pair of cowboy boots, turned 20, 30, or 40, or wondered WTH about 100 times a day, you will get me.

Why Should I Book You?

I provide a unique entertainment experience, turnkey fundraising, and keep your point of sale system processing transactions.

Right now many dates can be booked completely FREE to the venue! Click on the green dollar sign above or scroll down to find out all the specifics.

Who are you?

I’m a visually-impaired comedian. My mantra for life is Blind Not Stupid because blindness is a lack of awareness but stupidity is often a choice made by otherwise intelligent people. I remind myself daily that my eyes may be damaged but my ability to avoid dumb decisions remains intact.
I am a single dad. That has been a big part of my life and also is a big part of my humor. Kids say and do the damnedest things and my kid makes it an art. He makes me laugh all the time and I believe in paying it forward.
Before becoming a comedian I was a security contractor providing high end protective services for entertainers like Johnny Cash and Wynonna Judd, a former Governor of Tennessee and the NFL’s Tennessee TItans, among many others. I have also had the distinct honor of being immortalized in a video game. I graduated from Cumberland University and my alma mater holds the record for having suffered the worst defeat in college football history. I have trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under martial arts legends Royler and Royce Gracie.
As a comedian I have been onstage at great comedy clubs like Zanies and the Laugh Factory but my favorite venues are bars, lodge halls, and other non-traditional comedy venues. I have appeared on Fox, done national and local radio, and one documentary on comedy legend Emo Phillips. Once on national television I thought I was on fire. Turns out, I wasn’t. I’ve been featured in Thunder Roads Magazine for my comedy work in biker bars. One of my favorite credits is more than two years as the Special Guest Performer with the Dirty Jokes and Magic Tricks Show touring all across the United States.




What do you do?

I believe the best comedy is about real life. The saying, “It’s funny because it’s true.” still applies. Turns out my life and your life can be hilarious so that is what I write about. Most of the people who come to my show will, at some point, be nodding their heads during a joke because they’ve “been there, done that, and got the T-shirt!”


I will definitely tell you all about how being a visually-impaired can be a pretty funny thing and the remarkable story of how I came to be behind the dark glasses. It is something you won’t want to miss LIVE. I will discuss how growing older impacts your body and thinking, and how both can be good and bad. Being a proud hillbilly will take up a joke or two, or ten. I always talk about the trials and tribulations of being a single parent. If you’ve ever had children this is a part of the show that you will remember.


On the day of your show I get there early and I stay late. I always make myself available to audience members and will be a goodwill ambassador for your venue at all times. My set runs about an hour, but may exceed that if I get really chatty, and often I bring a really funny feature performer to make the comedy show from around 90 minutes to 2 hours.




Why should I book you?

A typical Blind Not Stupid Comedy Tour event starts long before the day of the show. I provide you with any support you need to make our joint efforts a commercial and critical success. I have poster templates in varying sizes with tips for effective placement and will work with you to promote the show. Seamless online ticket sales make it easy and convenient for your customers to attend. Everything that I do is focused on generating revenue for you, and generating interest in, and goodwill for, your business among the audience who attend your date on the Blind Not Stupid Comedy Tour.
What we provide to your audience is a unique entertainment experience. You do not have to worry about lawyers from copyright companies sending you a bill. It’s different than the normal DJs, cover bands, and karaoke nights AND a Blind Not Stupid Comedy Tour show will create return business by bringing people back for a drink, a meal, or to watch the game. Once we get them in the door to see how awesome your business is, show them a great time, and make them feel welcome, they will be back.
The Blind Not Stupid Comedy Tour is an effective option for your fundraising events. In the past I have successfully worked with The American Cancer Society, Junior Football League, the Honor Flight Network, and volunteer fire departments to raise funds.
Did I mention that you can get all this for FREE? Yes you can and no I didn’t just suddenly slip into infomercial mode. If you can seat 50 or more audience members I have many dates available for “Door Deal” booking which would not require you to pay the normal deposit, my flat fee, or arrange for lodging but still drives revenue for your business.




FREE sounds great! Let’s book a show!


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As soon as I receive your submission I will contact you by phone and email so we can plan and schedule your tour date. If at any time you need to reach me you can call 901-878-LYAO or email me at

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